Blendtec Total Blender Review

Blendtec Total Blender Review – Best Commercial Blender for Smoothies

If you own a business then you are going to want to provide your customers with the best service possible. It is the way all good businesses grow and continue to do so. However, you are going to want to do this all whilst pinching the pennies and making sure that your return on investment is as high as is humanly possible. As the famous saying goes, you’re not made of money! Making sure you get the most from your purchases is never more relevant than in the food trade. This is an area of business where if one tool or piece of equipment goes down for even a short period of time, things can start to go drastically wrong very quickly.

One of the most underrated and often forgotten about pieces of kitchen equipment is the blender, and if this goes wrong you would know about it very quickly! You won’t be able to make soup, milkshakes, smoothies, or properly blend any of your ingredients! The point here is clear, and the point is that you should go out of your way to purchase a good and reliable blender. The one we will be taking a look at today is the Blendtec Total Blender, and we will be seeing if it can earn a place in your busy kitchen.

Tell me more about the features it has

As this is a commercial blender, you will be getting a lot more power from the motor than you would otherwise. This machine can churn out 1,560 watts of power through a 3 HP driven motor, and this will be more than enough to tackle even the toughest kitchen task. It has programmable blending cycles too, and this means that you can set it to blender certain recipes and ingredients without having to stand over it and worry. It has a digital touchpad and an automatic shut off, so you can already tell you are getting a very top of the range piece of kit. The features don’t stop there though, as the powerful motor can spin the 2 prong stainless steel blade at speeds of up to 29,000RPM meaning even ice stands no chance. The 2 quart blending jar should enable you to make large portions at a time, and this is something else you may find yourself unable to do on smaller household machines.

What are its strongest points?

There are a lot of good things to be found in the Blendtec, and the most impressive of these is the one touch feature. This button makes the blending process even more simple than it already is, as all you have to do is touch it and you are off! It can help you to make batter, ice cream, smoothies, juice, and even soup just from one press, so think of all of the time you can save by this clever feature in the kitchen!

Does it have any weak points?

Some customers who have owned this machine have made complaints about its longevity. They have stated that after continuous use over a long period of time, they have noticed that parts of the internal rubber ring have begun to peel off and have rendered the blender unusable. However, this is most likely down to neglect, as this machine is built of high quality materials, so the chances are high that the owner was simply not cleaning it well enough after each use and the foodstuffs began to effect the stricural integrety of the rubber ring.

What is the conclusion?

When everything is considered, this is a contender for the title of the best commercial blender for smoothies that is on the market today. Put quite simply, it is very good at what it does. It does not matter if you are in the world’s busiest kitchen, this is a machine upon which you can rely. It does not matter what you need blending, it will be there for you. If you desperately need to make another batch of tomato soup in a hurry, it will be there. If your ice cream is running dangerously low, it will be there. Even if you just want a nice refreshing glass of juice after a hard days work, it will be there. At the end of the day, is that not all you could want in a blender?