Magic Bullet Nutribullet 600 Watt Review

We all want a more healthy lifestyle, but it is quite difficult to eat enough fruit and veg daily. Rather than eat meat and 3 vegetables at every meal, it is far easier to cram some fruits and veggies into a smoothie or juice, which is why juicing is still so popular. Juicing is quick, easy, tastes good, retains nutrients, and is convenient. No wonder juicing is still thriving.

Juicing machines themselves have progressed. Gone are the weedy blenders we all started with. In their place are high speed blenders. However, there are so many to choose from. Where do you start?

I have found an excellent model. Read on for my Magic Bullet Nutribullet 600 watt review.


This product is the NutriBullet 8 Piece High Speed Blender/Mixer System. It has a 600 watt motor and stainless steel blade. It includes a one year warranty.

Product Parts

As I leave home early in the morning, I like to take my breakfast smoothie with me. So, the first thing I always look at is what does the blender come with. Am I going to be able to drink my smoothie on the go? In this case, yes. The box contains a tall plastic cup (16 oz.), a small plastic cup (12 oz.) and it does include a lid.

There is also a nutrition guide and recipe book.


The 600 watt motor is powerful and chops everything up really efficiently. It isn’t quiet, but it is probably just as noisy as every other blender that I have tried. The user guide says that it even chops up nuts although I haven’t tried that. It does chop frozen fruit easily.

It apparently has cyclonic action. Not really sure what that is, but if it means that your fruit and veggies are pushed towards the blades and so you aren’t left with lumps, then yes, this works!

It has two cups which is great, as you can make a big or small serving depending how much you want, or in the unlikely event that you are going to share it.

I think it is probably the same with all blenders, but you need the solids to liquid ratio just right or this will struggle to blend. Once you have discovered your optimum quantities, it works great.

The book does say you can make things other than smoothies, like pesto and salsa. I haven’t tried any other recipes so can’t comment on this. It is, however, great for smoothies containing root vegetables, leafy vegetables, fresh and frozen fruit, powders and oats.


For me, the biggest plus is its size. I am renowned for buying gadgets that either get stuffed in a cupboard or sit, in everyone’s way, on the worktop. This is not very big so doesn’t take up much space. You can easily leave it on the counter although it is light enough to move about. Just remember, if you put it in a cupboard you won’t use it!

The second plus is how easy it is to clean. It is very easy. I tend to put a tiny drop of washing up liquid in some water and then Wizz it up. But you must use only a tiny drop or you get bubble mayhem.

I didn’t think I would use it, but I like the handle that you can add to the cup. It means you can drink it from the cup rather than pouring your juice into another glass. Anything that saves washing up is obviously a bonus.


You should be really careful when you screw the cup onto the blade attachment. It is possible to not quite screw it on the threads so there is the tiniest gap. As it is upside down some of the liquid then dribbles out.

The cup needs to be screwed on pretty tight to avoid leakage. I have very small hands so do find that quite difficult especially if they are slightly wet. It is then hard to unscrew it.

Due to the two problems above, I would say this is not suitable for an elderly person.

I do have an issue with the name as I feel it is not a juicer but a smoothie maker but that is probably personal to me.


I think this is a good blender for the price. It is by no means perfect and I do have an issue opening the cups once blended, but that is a small problem on an otherwise good blender.

It is a good size, easy to store, easy to clean, makes good smoothies and doesn’t leave lumps of fruit so you can’t ask much more from a blender.

This is an easy way to make healthy eating a habit. Breakfast is now so much easier and it is thanks to this blender.