Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet – What’s The Difference?

If you’ve ever owned a traditional blender, you know that they can take up a ton of counter space. Plus, they’re usually so loud you get the urge to cover your ears every time you use it. When you’re done using it, you try to put it away in a cupboard and guess what? It doesn’t fit. It can be hard to keep seeing your blender as something useful when every time you’re not using it it seems to be in the way. That’s where bullet blenders come in handy.

Bullet blenders are personal blenders designed with smaller frames and smaller containers. Usually, they’re just big enough to fill up your plastic bottle with a protein shake before you head off to the gym, or for stocking up on a smoothie as you head out on your way to work. These blenders are a great deal smaller than their typical counterparts. They have a smaller container, usually 3.5 oz or less, and the entire blender is small enough to fit in a backpack, large purse, and even some briefcases.

Bullet blenders haven’t been around very long, but the brands that pioneered their current success have seen a massive growing interest and increasing popularity. A few years ago, you wouldn’t have known that bullet blenders existed. Now, they can be found in countless homes and offices.

The Magic Bullet and the Nutribullet are oft-cited when referring to bullet blenders and for good reason. These two leading models are the highest quality compact blenders, and they’re both produced by Homeland Housewares. Both of these bullet blenders spin at high speeds, making them ideal for completely blending all the seeds, stems, and fibers from fruits and vegetables into a perfect juice or smoothie. However, both of these blenders are targeted at different markets, so it’s important to know which one suits your personal needs most effectively.

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet has a wide range of functions that make it a very useful blender to have around. It has up to .335 horsepower and can spin at up to 2000 RPM. Most of the pitchers with the magic bullet are fairly small, with the largest size only going up to 16 ounces. It is BPA free and Dishwasher safe, making it safe and easy to clean.

The Magic Bullet is simple to use, there’s not even any buttons or switches on it. Also, when you buy a Magic Bullet you get a few freebies like cups, mugs, extra tops, two kinds of blades, and a recipe book to help you get started.

Best For…

The Magic Bullet best functions as a personal blender. Because of its size limitations, it can’t make large share-able servings, such as those needed for families or commercial use. However, in terms of making single servings it excels. It’s very affordable and incredibly simple to use and clean, making it a perfect bullet blender to use on the go or for busy people who need their smoothie fix.


The only limitation of the Magic Bullet is its low power, meaning it can often struggle with ice cubes or tougher ingredients. This also results in chunkier smoothies, so if you like a really smooth emulsified mix the Magic Bullet might not be right for you, though many people do prefer the taste and feel of having bits of fruit chunks in their smoothie.


The Nutribullet blenders are the most powerful bullet blenders on the market. The weakest model has a 600-watt motor that can spin up to 30,000 RPM, and stronger models have up to 900-watt motors. The Nutribullet can tear through tougher ingredients that the Magic Bullet would balk at. The Nutribullet provides all the necessary functions of a blender and can function just as well as top-level standard blender brands like Vitamix. Due to their small size and high power, these can be a bit louder than the Magic Bullet, but the added strength is worth a bit of noise.

Best For…

The Nutribullet is best for families that need large portions. They also work well if you want to crush ice or if you like extremely smooth mixes with no chunks in them.

The Nutribullet also comes along with to-go lids that you can pop on top of the container to take your smoothies on the go. Everything about the Nutribullet is easy to use, from its streamlined design to the one-touch buttons, it’s designed for busy people to get their health food fix whenever and wherever needed.


Some downsides to the Nutribullet are issues with the blades and more difficulty cleaning as compared to the Magic Bullet. The issues with the blades have been reported by customers who did not use the blade removal tool supplied with the blender and can be avoided by following the instructions in the user manual. The cleaning is only really difficult compared to the incredibly simple cleaning process for the Magic Bullet. It really only takes a minute or two with a sponge or brush to clean out any leftover mush in your Nutribullet.

Nutribullet vs. Magic Bullet

The Nutribullet demonstrates a greater superiority in terms of strength over the Magic Bullet. It can reliably liquefy all but the toughest ingredients. However, the Magic Bullet comes with more free extras and is simpler to clean because it’s dishwasher safe.

The Magic Bullet is also more affordable than the Nutribullet. The Nutribullet is much better for making large batches if you want leftovers or some to share, whereas the Magic Bullet is really only functional as a personal blender for a single individual.

The best blender to buy is really determined more by your individual needs than by the blenders themselves. Both of these options are excellent products, and they provide a cheap and simple way to get into smoothies or to make it more convenient to continue getting your healthy fix.