Ninja Master Prep 900B Review

Ninja Master Prep 900B Review – Best Blender Under $50

What would your reaction be if I told you that there was a device which could help to supply you with the five portions of fruit and vegetables you need each and every day in one delicious serving. I can only imagine that you would be pretty hesitant right? Well, prepare to be amazed when I tell you all about the latest and greatest piece of technology which can do just that. The amazing bit of tech I am talking about is of course….a blender. That grand reveal may not be the revelation you were hoping for, but the humble blender, a device which sits idly in many a kitchen across the land can help to provide you with all of the vitamins and minerals that you will need to feel fantastic each and every day.

For those who have never owned a blender and are unsure of which is the best to purchase, the market today can be a minefield. That is why we are here to help, and today we will be introducing you to the Ninja Master Prep to see what it can do. We will be taking a look at the features it has, it’s strong and weak points, and then wrapping it all up with a conclusion to make your decision as easy as possible!

Tell me a little more about the machines features

The main point of a blender is to help you chop up, crush, or puree ingredients into a smoothie, and the features the Ninja Master has help it to do just that. It uses a combination of quad blade technology and a 2-cup processor to make short work of any ingredients you place inside of it. The technology in this blender is very good. It uses unique processing power for uniform cutting and ice crushing action! It also features a large 48 ounce pitcher so you will be able to make vast quantities of smoothie, milkshake, or whatever else you wish to at once! The large pitcher has a non-slip bottom and easy pour spout to make sure that you won’t suffer from any unnecessary spillages either. The impressive features don’t end there though, as you can blend frozen ingredients, microwave the pitcher, and it is incredibly easy to clean too! All of this is starting to make this machine look like it is the best blender for under $50 already!

What are its best points?

For the money it costs, this blender is extremely good, but perhaps its strongest feature is its versatility. You can use it to blend almost anything you could possibly want to, and it will come out as smooth and delicious as it would from machines twice its price. On other blenders there is often an issue when the ingredients, in particular the ice, try to reach the bottom and therefore the blades. This is not an issue with the ninja though as it has been designed to avoid exactly that from happening.

What if any are its negative points?

You will have to look far and wide for a complaint about this machine as the positives far outweigh the negative, but it does have a couple of minor issues which are worth pointing out. The first of these points is that some people who have used the device have noticed that with the bigger ingredients, you may find yourself needing to pre-chop them before you put them into the blender which defeats the whole point a little! The second is that as it has been designed with the motor on top, you cannot add more food to it whilst it is blending.

What’s the conclusion

You will be amazed that in return for the small amount of money you will be spending on this very good blender, you will be getting in return a machine which will work for years and make your life a lot easier! It can take on almost any task you throw at it and you will begin to enjoy delicious and fresh smoothies almost as soon as you take it out of the box. This is the perfect no frills blender for everyone!