Vitamix 5300 Smoothie Maker Review

Vitamix 5300 Smoothie Maker Review

If you’re a smoothie lover, you’ve probably already discovered how costly the habit can become. Stopping at Jamba Juice in the mornings is a fun and easy ritual at first, but as your wallet grows skinny along with you, it can become hard to maintain.

That’s why anyone who likes blended drinks or foods should invest in a quality blender to have at home. The price tag on a blender can seem like an unnecessary investment, but buying your own ingredients and blending them up on your own is much less expensive.

By the time you’ve been using your own blender for a few months, it practically pays for itself through the cash you’ll save.

Of course, selecting a blender to purchase can be a surprisingly daunting task. With the large collection of brands and functions to choose from, how do you know which blender is right for you?


Vitamix brand blenders have been the top performing blenders in the market for the last few years. Their high-powered blenders come with a variety of functions and attachments. They produce a range of blenders with different specialties. Whether you’re making smoothies every morning or grinding up your leftovers into soup, Vitamix will have a blender that is perfect for you.

The Vitamix 5300

The Vitamix 5300 comes equipped with a range of functions to make your life easier. Once you buy one of these blenders, you’ll likely never need a new one again. One of the most notable features of the 5300 is its 2.2 horsepower motor. The strength of this motor will help you tear through any tough or thick ingredients, and the force it provides keeps your blender running longer and more efficiently. Plus, although the highest setting won’t be quiet by any means, it is still quite a bit softer than the crashing roar of other popular name-brand blenders.

Range of Functions

The stainless steel blades can slice through whatever you choose to put in. These blades hold up better over time than most brands because of their laser-cut precision, which keeps them slicing cleanly through any tough chunks without dulling. Whether you’re making a puree or a chunky milkshake, this blender has every setting and utility you need. It’s variable speed control allows you to switch from full liquification to a gentle mixing with a simple turn of a dial. Plus, the manually controlled pulse feature is extremely easy to use, as opposed to the burdensome on/off switches on older blenders.

Compact Design

One of the most useful features of the Vitamix 5300 is it’s compact size. Most blenders can be a hassle to store. They’re often too tall to fit in a standard cupboard, and often won’t even fit beneath them on the counter. The 5300 is designed with a size-efficient container created to fit in any kitchen storage space, and as a result it’s easier to carry around as well. This 64 oz. container is BPA free, keeping you safe from chemicals that would otherwise release into your food as plastics degrade.

The 5300 is ideal for providing maximum blending power while only taking up a minimum of space. It’s simple to use, easy to carry around, and it provides blending and food-processing options that are unparalleled by other blenders in its price range.

What Do Past Buyers Think About It?

Vitamix is most known for providing high quality blenders designed with their customer’s needs in mind. Thus, it’s no surprise that the Vitamix 5300 has an impressive rating on Amazon. Customers enjoy how easy it is to clean this blender, all you have to do is drop some detergent and water in, give it a whirl, and rinse it out. Other customers appreciate how compact it is as compared to past models and other brands. Vitamix blenders are also manufactured in the U.S. As one customer stated, “The fact that it is made by U.S. Workers AND is the best blender in the world makes us a Vitamix family for life.”

Let’s Talk Money

A brand new Vitamix 5300 Blender is considerably more expensive than most blenders, and the sticker price can often scare off potential buyers. However, as stated before, the money you save by making your own smoothies, milkshakes, and doing your own food-processing will pay it back by itself. If you’re still not willing to shell out that much for a blender, there is an option that will save you quite a bit of money without missing out on any quality.

Vitamix provides refurbished blenders at a fraction of the cost. Don’t worry about quality, these are not “used” blenders like the kind you can purchase on eBay, covered in scratches and blades dull enough to act more as pushers than slicers. Vitamix refurbishes these blenders themselves, and each one is certified before it is considered ready to ship again.


The Vitamix 5300 is an excellent blender. Regardless of whether you’re making smoothies, chopping nuts, or processing your food, the 5300 has the power and design to meet all of your blending needs.